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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

In this Season of Giving...Be Touched by an Angel

In this season of giving, please consider giving to a charitable organization that can help families of children with Trisomies or other rare chromosomal disorders. There are many charities out there that bring in a lot of funds for those diseases that are known to the general public.

Your support can help a family that has received a rare or negative diagnosis of a syndrome or disorder for their infant. Your generous donations will go to support families through networks established by other families that have been "Touched by an Angel" in their lives. Many parents of Trisomy children have heard all too many times either prenatally or postnatally, how their child's condition is "not compatible with life". The textbooks need to be re-written to reveal to the world that there is hope. The medical community has to be more cognisant of the fact that there are many survivors of these rare chromosomal disorders and that their care and compassion can allow these children equal access to the medical treatment they need.

In the first 6 weeks of Bryson's life, we met with and interviewed 9 Pediatricians and never found one to have anything more to say than what they found in out dated material or mortality rates from the internet. A strong alliance of families and those in medicine must be established so that one day "not compatible with life" will be a thing of the past. It has been my main focus to bring awareness of Trisomy 13 via this weblog and those of other Trisomy families and it is my hope that you will learn more and tell others that miracles do happen.

Please consider your gifts of love to any of the following:


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