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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Again, Scary times

Yesterday, Bryson had a very bad apnea episode. What usually happens is that it starts with crying. He'll get very upset, to the point of being inconsolable, then he gets this painful expression on his face and stops breathing. Sometimes all it takes to get him breathing again is a little stimulation, such as stroke on his feet, talking to him, puffing some air in his face, but yesterday, nothing was working. Finally after what must have felt like an eternity, he took a big breath and started crying only to pass out of consciousness. He didn't come back to consciousness for a while either. This was very scary for Dana and she was very upset.

No one other than a Trisomy family can understand that these episodes, short or long in length can frighten even the most bravest of souls. It shakes you to your core. You never know if this is the moment that your baby is going to leave you or if, with God's will that this precious little one is allowed to stay. I pray every day that God will give us many good days, that I will be able to see my Grandson again. I miss him so much.

We want him to grow, develop and be happy. I thank God for every day He gives us. Please keep Bryson, Dana & Travis in your prayers.


Blogger CJ said...

While our family has two little angels with Trisomy 21 (not 13) we understand your fear. Last week our youngest daughter had a seizure and no matter how "strong" I may be, it scared me silly. Your family is always in my thoughts and prayers.

2:06 PM  

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