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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Long days

It's been long and difficult days for the Nault family. Bryson is in a state of "limbo" if you will. We don't know at this point how things will play out. He is on a ventilator, he has brain damage from the lack of oxygen as it is hard to know how long he wasn't breathing. A Medic that came to visit us today said it only takes 4 short minutes for damage to occur. The damage comes from fluids accumulating in the brain and the pressure that ensues. On Saturday, he was breathing on his own, responding, but apparently 72 hours tells the tale of the fluid build up on the brain and that's what has lead to the situation we are in with Bryson. His heart is strong and beats like a champion. We don't know if the twitches he has are as a result of direct response to our touching and kissing him or is it the nervous system's automatic response. This week, we will be able to know more as his body tries to heal from it's trauma. The eeg (electro-encephelagram) and a follow up MRI are planned. He is not in any pain as he is on medications to sedate him. He looks like an angel he is truely a beautiful boy.

This is an extremely difficult time for Dana & Travis as you can imagine. There are difficult decisions that no parent should ever have to make for someone so young, so vulnerable. We all love Bryson for the wonderful, funny, charming, giggling sweet little cherub that he is and we desparately wish we could change what happened. There are no do-overs in life and this is the hardest thing any of us have had to face in our lives.

Please keep Dana & Travis and Bryson in your prayers.


Blogger Unknown said...

i took that pcture and remember that day very well. he just kept laughing as he was on the swing he loved every minute. u r in my prayers every second of my days. i will be there soon mr ban and i love you my little main man. beany bean u r the man in my life u r like a son too me and more i love you forever and always....

10:56 PM  

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