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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Milling and Mooing around in Northern New York

There is a lot of beautiful country here in Northern New York. Today, we visited a Cider Mill in Burrville where just behind the mill was this wonderful waterfall.

Then we drove a few miles from there to the Maple Ridge Wind Farm and saw up close what the windmills look like. From the distance, they look large, but when you're next to one, they are humongous! There are about 140 windmills in the Maple Ridge Wind Farm and the power created from just one turbine produces enough energy to power about 500 homes. Each 1.65 megawatt turbine costs $2.3 million to build. They stand 320 feet tall or equal to the size of London's Big Ben. They are graceful yet kind of space age looking amongst the backdrop of old barns and farmhouses.

Speaking of those farms, many are dairy farms as this is cheese country! The New York Cheddar and cheese curds (my favorite) is plentiful around here.


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