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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Grandma's Quilt

I had been working on a quilt since November of 2005, at the beginning of Dana's pregnancy. When we went out shopping for a nursery, we looked at all the crib quilts and bedding offered. We thought many of them were "visually overstimulating". Some were so busy and had such a plethora of color and animals or vehicles with human qualities that we said "Whoa!'s no wonder so many children are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD!"

It's rather ironic then, that Bryson was born with very limited vision. We perhaps should have bought the brightest, boldest, outlandishest (is there such a word?)...ahem most outlandish nursery furniture and bedding. Oh yeah, we still have to look at the stuff and not go crazy.

I finally finished my labor of love in the form of a quilt when Bryson turned 9 months old. We came up with a theme of Woodland Creatures as Dana and Travis were living in rural Northern New York and they are outdoor type people and love nature.

I hand embroidered 5 squares as accents and used fabrics in natural, earth and green tones. The last irony is that of all the handiwork involved, the tag was machine made in China saying: "Handmade by Grandma".

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