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Monday, August 24, 2009

Grey Matters

Today, Bryson had a second MRI since his brush with death on Friday August 14th. The results were better than expected. The Neurologist, Dr. Yoder said he had no bad news for us for a change. What showed up on the first MRI were large areas of white damaged or dead brain cells and swelling. What was showing up today only was small effected areas. Grey and variants of the color grey are normal tissue of the brain. So, the swelling is down, and healing is occuring. This was what we had been holding our collective breaths to hear.

Bryson is breathing on his own with only a canula ped mask that has a penguin on it. The cute medical equipment makes a hard situation seem a little easier. He still needs to start protecting his airways with swallowing and coughing. It's taking a little longer with Bryson than perhaps a typical child to come around, but we are patient and very grateful for the strides he is making. Again, Bryson does not cease to amaze me for the will he has to live.

Thank you for your continued prayers, they are bringing us miracles everyday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank God for this encouraging news.

Thank God that you at at the hospital you are with such wonderful doctors. Thank God for private health care that allows people to make choices that are right for them.

Keep us posted. All the best to Bryson's parents.

Annie's mom

11:24 AM  

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