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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Upcoming FIRST Birthday!

I'm so excited! Grandpa Mark and I will be flying to San Antonio next week for Bryson's first birthday. It has been a very fast and remarkable year. Bryson is doing very well. He is healthy and happy although he could sleep more according to his Mommy & Daddy. We are looking forward to seeing him and Dana and Travis and getting all caught up to date. Grandpa Mark hasn't seen Bryson since July of last year, so I'm sure he'll see how much he has grown and changed. I am compulsive and have to see BEAN more often. I should be getting some frequent flyer miles by now. In fact, I've flown around the country more this past year than any other time in my life. (I used to be quite afraid of flying but now, it's only the seats that bother me. They can make something that weighs tons fly above the clouds, yet they can't make a seat feel like it's got some cushion in it? Oh yeah....I guess if it had more fluff, you couldn't use it as a flotation device. Well, I've got plenty of fluff to be a flotation device.)

Anyway, we're looking forward to a very happy birthday for Bryson. I can't wait to see him and plant Gramma kisses all over him.


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