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Friday, September 18, 2009


Bryson has had a relapse. He was placed back in the hospital on Tuesday Sept. 15th. His saturation levels dropped to the 80's and his secretions were a little yellowish. Dana called EMS because the home equipment was not working properly. As soon as EMS got their oxygen to him, his sat levels started to increase. They transported him and while in the Pediatric Unit at Madigan Army Medical Center, he started having seizures. They are working to get Bryson well with antibiotics to treat whatever bug was making him sicker and now are adjusting his meds for the seizures. Seizures often come after Traumatic Brain Injury and he had been on a mild dose of dilantin, more as a preventative, but now that the lesions in the brain tissue may be causing the seizures, they are having to take a second look. His heart and his breathing have remained normal, even through the seizures.

It is hoped that he can come home again perhaps tomorrow, and hopefully with more approved nursing care.

Please keep praying for Bryson, his Mommy and his Daddy who is now down range.



Blogger Unknown said...

I was so sad to hear of Bryson's relapse. I am praying for you constantly, and so are hundreds of people here at St. Paul's. Pastor Bill saw the photos of Bryson from the blog, and was very surprised at how much he has grown and how handsome he is, and how he looks so much like a "regular kid." Here's all my love to you, Bryson, Dana and Travis...Aunt Carol O

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Glenda Parkman said...

Dear Dori,

My daughter, Rebecca, has her story posted at LWT 13 on the same album which has held precious Bryson's story these last 3 years.
May God grant you and your whole family peace and strength!

12:46 PM  

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