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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Getting Ready for Bryson to come home

We've been working the last couple of days getting things in order for Bryson to come home. He'll be discharged either Saturday or Sunday according to the doctor that performed his Traecheostomy.

Bryson is doing so much better. His color looks good, he's moving around more, but today he was getting kind of stiff which he will need a lot of physical therapy to prevent that from happening. He has had splints made for his hands to prevent them from curling up into a fist. We bought him some Uggs boots to keep him from getting drop foot from being in bed so long. The muscles tend to atrophy from lack of use and they draw up and become rigid without regular therapy to keep things moving. The physical therapist also said that helping him to sit up will also help with his therapy. This is exactly what is planned once he gets home.

We are having to set up the crib again and get baby blankets as if we were bringing home a newborn. The Sleep Safe bed is on order and we don't know how long it will be until that arrives, hopefully soon. To see a Sleep Safe bed visit:
It works very much like a hospital bed, but is more pleasing to the eye.

Dana is coordinating getting his Home Healthcare on board for when he comes home.


Blogger Unknown said...

yeah go bean go. that is the little man i remember. i am so proud of you and i love you so much. have fun at home and wish i could be there. i love you my little man.

10:27 PM  

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